The Hard Core Motorcyclist Quiz

The Hard Core Motorcyclist Quiz
By Darren Houghton


Take the hardcore motorcyclist test to see if you actually measure up to the image of yourself that you carry in your mind.

Question 1
How many years have you been riding motorcycles?
a. Less that a year. Score 1
b. 1 year to 5 years Score 2
c. 5 years to 10 years Score 3
d 10 years to 20 years Score 4
e. 20 years + Score 5

Question 2
How many motorcycles have you worn out?
a. None Score 1
b. One Score 2
c. 2 to 4 Score 3
d. 4 to 6 Score 4
e. 6 plus Score 5

Question 3
Does Alcohol affect your riding?
a. I don’t drink & ride. Score 1
b. A little. Score 2
c. A lot. Score 3
d. I ride better with a few under my belt. Score 4
e. I don’t get on until I’ve primed myself. Score 5

Question 4
When riding in adverse weather conditions I.
a. Hate it so I leave the bike at home. Score 1
b. Wished I took the car. Score 2
c. Put up with it but would rather not. Score 3
d. Notice that the weather is rather adverse a couple of times a year. Score 4
e. don’t care & will ride any time, rain rail or blistering heat. Score 5

Question 5
A good ride consists of
a. Less than 30 kms & a pub or coffee shop. Score 1
b. 30 to 100 kms a pub or coffee shop. Score 2
c. Up to half day, but no more with fuel & food stops. Score 3
d. As long as your home by the end of the weekend is OK. Score 4
e. No less than 800kms. Score 5

Question 6
My bike, helmet & gear
a. are brand new. Score 1
b. are in good condition. Score 2
c. have seen a few miles. Score 3
d. could use some replacements. Score 4
e. never get replaced because they are good luck charms. Score 5

Question 7
Motorcycle maintenance is
a. Only carried out by a certified dealer. Score 1
b. Tyre pressure & washing. Score 2
c. Changing oils. Score 3
d. Everything bar major rebuilds. Score 4
e. Nobody touches my bike ever. Score 5

Question 8
I have had enough in the saddle when
a. my eyes get sore from the wind. Score 1
b. I get uncomfortable in the saddle. Score 2
c. I start going numb in places. Score 3
d. the bike needs fuel. Score 4
e. I fall asleep. Score 5

Question 9
When you leave the pub you
a. never go to pubs & ride Score 1
b. concentrate so as not to embarrass yourself Score 2
c. are riding with 12+ other bikes Score 3
d. look left & right Score 4
e. wheel stand every time Score 5

Question 10
Pillion passengers
a. are too difficult for me. Score 1
b. are a pain in the arse. Score 2
c. complain too much. Score 3
d. enjoy the ride. Score 4
e. only if they put out. Score 5

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How you rated:
10-15 You are a novice and have no real motorcycling experience.
15-25 You lack experience, you may think you are cool but really are just doing this because you want to belong.
25-35 Most people have not ridden as much as you, you are an average motorcyclist.
35-45 You have been riding a long time & are a typical hard core motorcyclist.
45-50 You ride to much & are up yourself. Leave your bike at home & do some charity work.