The March Tour by David Barry As most of you will appreciate, most trips South should incorporate a stay at Dorrigo or Bellingen, so that a morning run up the

An October Tour

by Dave Barry   I sold it to him too cheaply, but with a choice of other bikes in the shed, I didn’t have time to ride

About the Ballabio …

By Ross Davies   I had ridden Robbie’s Ballabio on occasions but mainly just short trips to work and back. Even on those short trips I

Fringe Dwelling and Wine Swilling Part Two – Heading North

By Alan Lane-Richardson   In Part One, our intrepid travellers, Alan and Meredith, rode their Calis South from Brisbane via Sydney

Fringe Dwelling and Wine Swilling Part One – Heading South

By Alan Lane-Richardson   One day Darren mumbled “Al, would you like to go to a couple of rallies?” What could

EPA Laws on Noise Emissions By Craig Barrett Given that so many motorcyclists cross the border on runs I thought it would be useful to investigate the legal status of

The Good Oil on the Good Dirt

By Jan Robinson   Finally found the perfect size billy to fit the stove, so set off at 3pm for a five day

Bushrangers and Underpants

By Robyn – Ballabio

  Well, I’m sure all of you have heard of the fabulous bushrangers’ way – the Oxley Highway to

Nine Weeks on the Road

OR How I Fell in Love with “Bertha”. (Part 3) By Michael Wilson   To summarise what occurred previously:  bikeless lad from the colonies returns

Nine Weeks on the Road

OR How I Fell in Love with “Bertha”. (Part 2) By Michael Wilson For those readers who were able to partake of the last edition

To Melbourne and Back

By Alan and Meredith Lane-Richardson Our plans for our Christmas jaunt, like many of our plans, came together at the last moment. We’d intended to get


Dec 04 (Ross & Robyn)   How sweet it was to fire up our bikes on Friday morning 23rd and to head off on our


By Hendrik Gout Adelaide is having a storm. Raindrops the size of hailstones, hailstones the size of gallstones. I suited up and went out.   The bike started


By Hendrik Gout Good morning, boys and girls. If you all draw up your chairs and listen very closely, I will tell you a most you-knewsual story. The

Australia Day

by Hendrik Gout

A long time ago, before there were rabbits, cane toads, sheep, or bovines in this young and free land, Australian Day

There are Rods for Our Backs

By Hendrik Gout

There are rods for our backs and for our eyes, and cones for smoking and seeing. Rods

From Brisbane to Tassie By Pat Taylor

  Left Brisbane on 13-12-03. Rode through the Gap on the New England Highway to Tamworth. Time for a sleep. Still in riding

The Hard Core Motorcyclist Quiz By Darren Houghton


Take the hardcore motorcyclist test to see if you actually measure up to the image of yourself that you carry in